Introduction: Flipper Separator - a K'nex Ball Machine Path Separator

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Here are the instructions for my very first K'nex ball machine path separator! I created this path separator accidentally while taking apart my ball machine Rolling Illusions. Below is the parts list for this path separator:


Green: 28

White: 8

Blue: 40

Yellow: 7

Total rods: 83


Dark Gray: 1

Orange: 2

Red: 18

Purple: 33

Yellow: 15

Blue: 3

White: 5

Total connectors: 77


Blue Spacer: 1

Gray Spacer: 3

Y-clip: 6

Total other: 10

Grand total: 170

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Flipper and Entrance