Introduction: Flipping/Flicking Toy [Sandwich Balisong Inspired]

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Hi, hope you enjoy this tutorial! This tutorial will teach you how to make your own simple 3D printed flipping toy. 90% of the parts are 3D printed however you will need the following. The toy is great for doing tricks and killing time.

- 1 x 608 bearing (I prefer using 608V1)

- 2 x M3 Nut (Nylock Nut prefered)

- 2 x M3x16 Bolt

- 4 x M3 Standard Washer

Step 1: Designing the Toy - Centerpiece (Skip to Step 3 for Premade Files)

Designing the toy - Centerpiece

The first step is to design the centerpiece of the toy. I personally use Fusion 360 by Autodesk, but you could use any design software you like. The centerpiece will require 1 x 608 bearing.

First, start by creating 22mm hole.

Secondly, create the shape of the centerpiece you want around the circle you have just drawn. Make sure the circle is towards the top of the shape. You can make any shape you want. Make sure this shape is no bigger than 90mm x 30mm.

Thirdly, create two holes (diameter of 3.5mm) at the opposite side of the circle. Make sure the circles are 12mm apart from eachother (center to center).

Fourthly, extrude the shape you have just created by 7mm. Make sure you don't extrude the holes as well.

Lastly, chamfer or fillet the edges of the shape for a more ergonomic feel when using the end product.

Step 2: Designing the Toy - Handles (Skip to Step 3 for Premade Files)

Designing the Toy - Handles

The next step is to design handles to go around the centerpiece.

First, design the shape that you want your handles to be.

Second, extrude it, not all the way, but only for one side of the center piece. Make sure you move it so there is a 1mm gap between each side of the the handle and the center piece.

Thirdly, copy and paste the same thing onto the other side of the center piece. Make sure there's still a 1mm gap.

Fourthly, connect the two shapes by extruding a section between the two pieces.

Fifthly, add fillets or chamfers where ever you like or maybe some fine details (like a logo or pattern).

Lastly, mirror the body you've just created, so there's a left and right piece.

Step 3: Designing the Toy - Premade Files and 3D Printing

Designing the Toy - Premade files and 3D Printing

Above are three pre-made files ready to print. Depending the type of 3D printer you use, such as PLA printers with no heated bed. The files may need to by scaled up by 0.5% to accommodate the shrinking of some plastics.

Step 4: Assembling the Toy

Assembling the Toy

Assembly of the toy should be pretty straight forward. Start of by placing the bearing in (glue in if you like, I recommend either super glue or contact adhesive). Next, slide in the washers, then the bolts and finally screw in the nuts.

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