Introduction: Float Legos in Your Liquid Soap Bottle

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I saw an example of this on Pinterest, and of course, I thought to myself – I can make that!

My oldest boy loves Lego’s and at first, he was hesitant to sacrifice a few of his blocks, but he changed his mind when he started to help make the bottle. 
Too many times I knew he just turned on the water (when he needed to wash his hands) and did not use soap, but after we made this together, I knew he was using it.

Here’s a photo tutorial on how I made this liquid soap bottle with floating Legos.
I used:
  • A dollar store bottle of liquid soap
  • Five colorful Lego bricks
  • Empty liquid soap containers (to refill)
  • A refill bottle of Clear Liquid Hand Soap
  • Goo Gone - You can buy it from Amazon here: Goo Gone on Amazon
  • A white cloth
I bought the dollar store bottle of hand soap, that was large and also a trapezoidal shape.  I liked the shape of the bottle much better than the standard Softsoap container.

I emptied the bottle into two Softsoap containers that I had kept to eventually refill.

Next I washed the bottle and peeled the labels off.  I used a soft white cloth to wash it because I did not want to scratch the bottle.

There was an obvious residue left on the bottle so I followed the directions using Goo-Gone.  Now there is an amazing product.
BIG TIP: I still could not get the cloudiness off from the front sticker, so I did not wipe off the last coat of Goo-Gone.  As you can see from the photos, the bottle looks completely clean of residue.

I began with a layer of the clear refill soap and added a block.  We kept repeating this process until the bottle was filled. 

As the blocks floated to the top of the bottle, we used a skewer to push the blocks down.  We could have just as easily used the tip of the dispenser to push the blocks down, but I found the skewer was very precise.

Easy, cute and another thing done for the Pinterest board!
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