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Introduction: Floating Color Pencil Holder

January 11th was my birthday and I wanted to draw each other to celebrate the day with my boyfriend.

For we don't have any coloring tools here in dorm, we bought some color pencils.

I have a pencil holder big enough to put extra 6 color pencils in

but I wanted to keep them separately :)

So I made this color pencil holder!

Step 1: Materials

**I used Laser Cutter.

I don't have any woodworking tool and don't have any skill in it.

However I can use laser cutter near my college.

So I usually use laser cutting when I want to make something.

You need :

1. color pencil or something you want to hold

2. extra pencil

3. pieces of wood cut into the shape you want : I used 6t MDF

Step 2: Sanding

With sandpaper sand the cut MDF appropriately.

It will be sanded again after gluing once more.

Step 3: Gluing Six Pieces

I have 5 pieces with holes and 1 piece without holes

glue them into two pieces

*first one is : one with holes + one with holes + one with holes + one with holes

*second one is : one with holes + one without holes

You should clean the glue popped out to make sure color pencil goes in well.

Step 4: Gluing Extra Pencil 1

Glue the bottom of extra pencil to the second one I made in previous step.

Clean the glue popped out of the hole.

Step 5: Gluing Extra Pencil 2

Glue the other piece to middle of the pencil.

I laid it on the side until the glue dry over.

Step 6: Done!

After drying and sanding a bit more, it is done.

Now put the color pencils into the pencil holder!

It is easy to make, look neat(?) and great :))))))

Step 7: Pattern

I added the pattern of this pencil holder in case of you use laser cutter either.

Radius of the holes is 8.3 mm and this fit well to that color pencil!

Make pencil holder of your own version~

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    7 years ago

    Also MDF breaks up when wet, so even if it floats, I'm not sure how long it will last.

    I usually keep my pencils in a Pelican case or something similar which floats due to the air inside the case. Most pencils float by themselves (as do Sharpies).


    7 years ago

    Nice design. What keeps it afloat?