Introduction: Floating Controller Caddy and Charging Shelf

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My wife and I needed a more permanent solution to two opportunities: 1. TV table set up to hold remotes, our cell phones, and baby bottles and 2. Charging cables would lay on the floor that attracted our 7 month old like a bee to a flower. So, I started searching websites like Home Depot, IKEA, and Wayfair for dual layer floating shelves. They were either not our style or did not have two layers. After that I used Pinterest to inspire some creative flow and brainstorm other features I could build into our optimal solution. After some measurements of the space near the couch I drew out a quick sketch and made my list of required materials and tools.


  • QTY 1 - 1"x10"x120" Premium wood from Home Depot (they cut it for me to length) about $14
  • QTY 1 - 2"x4"x84" Stud from Home Depot (also cut to lengths) about $2
  • QTY 1 - Can of 2X Spray Paint from Home Depot about $4
  • QTY 24 - 1.75" long Wood Screws about $5 for 50
  • QTY 3 - 3" long Wood Screws about $5 for 50


  • Circular Saw (if the Home Improvement store doesn't cut to length for you} Note: I did cut an inch off of the back corner for the lamp/cord
  • Miter Saw (again, if its not cut in store for you)
  • Drill (bits for screws and drill bits for holes)
  • Level (to hang your shelf straight)
  • Cardboard/Drop cloth/Newspapers to spray paint your shelf (use in a ventilated area)
  • Sandpaper 100 grit about $3
  • Safety Goggles (safety first!!!)
  • Gloves


  • 2 Hours - Cut/Assemble/Sand
  • 0.25 Hours - First coat of Paint
  • 1 Hour - Wait time (non-working time)
  • 0.25 Hours - Second coat of Paint
  • 24 Hours - Wait time paint dry (non-working time)

Final Lengths/Pieces:

  • From the 1"x10" = 32" & 36" lengths
  • From the 2"x4" = 4", 9" & 25.5" lengths

Final Cost:

  • Materials - $30
  • Tools - Free (borrowed tools and use Home Depot's free cutting service) to $$$ (Rent/Purchase saws and drill)
  • Time - 2.5 Hours

Step 1: Assemble and Install

  1. I first started by dry fitting the parts together to make sure my lengths were correct. (they were cut to length at Home Depot)
  2. I cut the corner out of both of the shelves for wires to pass through for the lamp
  3. I drilled pilot holes and then screwed the pieces together
  4. I grabbed a box of tissue (which is 3.5 inches tall - perfect fit for a 2x4 spacer) and traced where my tissue hole would be
  5. I drilled starter holes in the four corners of the tissue opening
  6. I used a jig saw to cut out the entire rectangular opening
  7. I used some folded sandpaper to smooth the tissue opening
  8. I then sanded all of the corners, edges, top, and sides of the shelf
  9. Quickly I brushed off the dust to prepare for spray paint
  10. I removed the lower shelf from the top assembly to ease the painting process
  11. I laid out a drop cloth in the garage (cars were outside!)
  12. I applied my first quick and thin coat of spray paint and waited an hour before applying the second thicker coat
  13. I left the shelf in the garage overnight with a box fan blowing over it (you may not want to do this, it might throw dust from your garage floor onto and into the paint)
  14. Finally, I installed the shelf to the wall with the help of my level with the QTY 3 - 3" long screws into studs (to find studs I used the edges of the walls and looked behind the outlet cover for guaranteed hits)

Note: I did add a small elastic strip (from a pair of science indirect vent goggles) with small tacks to hold the ends of my charging cables off the floor. Or you can do something like:


Needless to say, this shelf is a huge upgrade to the previous TV table... Thanks everyone for your inspiration and happy creating!!

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