Introduction: Floating Fishing Tackle Box

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This is a quick ible’ on how to make a floating fishing tackle box. I’ve been on holidays for a couple of weeks down the beach and the bay is very tidal. This means that if I want to catch fish at low tide, I need to be in shin deep water.

Anyone who has fished like this knows how hard it is to keep your bait and tackle dry and easily accessible. To remedy this I came up with the floating tackle box.

It’s very simple and cheap to make and works like a charm. So if you need a way to keep your tackle and bait dry - check out this ible’.

Step 1: Parts

1. Small bucket
2. Rope
3. Inflatable ring

Step 2: Making the Float

This is a very simple ible’ (sometimes the simplest are the best though)
1. Blow up the ring
2. Put the bucket inside the ring
3. To secure the bucket into the ring, use a piece of rope and wrap it around the ring and handle of the bucket. Make sure you make a few wraps around the handle and ring.
4. Lastly, make a loop in the end of the rope so you can secure it to something.

Step 3: