Introduction: Floating Table (Hexagon Base)

The floating table is a cool toy and gives an illusion of floating, which will probably look cool on your table. The key to how this work is TENSION.

Note: The cardboard model is a prototype.


· Base of the table (2x) (Download link -

· 4 - 5 pieces of strings

Step 1: Print Out the 3D Model

The model is attached in the supplies. Print 2 of it, one for the bottom and another one for the top.

Step 2: Add Inner Strings

Putting a string through 2 holes indicated. Make 2 knots at the 2 ends of the string. Repeating knotting at 1 spot may be needed so that it's big enough to not get back through the hole and again. Now, 2 bases should be connected.

Step 3: Add Outer Strings

Depending on your preference I suggest 2 ways of adding strings (See pictures). The first one needs 3 strings, the second one needs 4. The knotting should be the same as the previous step. Try to knotting it as short as possible but still maintaining the balance of the surface.