Introduction: Floating Turners Cube

There are awesome things to put in your home and why not a floating 3D printed turners Cube.

Step 1: Designing

There are many programs that can be used to be compatible with you 3D printer. I used Inventor and simply extruded out cylinders to go all the way through the project on all sides.
If you look in the picture you will be left with a corner inside your print.

Step 2: Printing

If you are going to 3D print this you have 2 simple ways to print multiple or one long print. I went for multiple prints.
For this process to have (depending on how many cubes) I printed 5 cubes so a total of 10 prints. All in halves for a better looking printed cube.

Step 3: Final

For as the floating part of this project you have fishing line around supports and through the middle of your design. I went with a little bit of a tight squeeze for the feeling it was another cube holding it up.