Floating Wireless Charger USB




Introduction: Floating Wireless Charger USB


Last night I had an idea for making a little floating table with an integrated wireless usb charger.

Old wireless charger
Some reclaimed wood
Thin steel cable (1 meter)

Step 1: Find a Old Wireless Usb Charger

I found a old wireless charger.
Disassabled it. I found out that the charging coil and the electronics could be seperated.
Nice... as expected. Unsoldered it. The electronics will go in the baseplate and the coil will be in the top plate.

Step 2: Find Some Reclaimed Wood.

Found some reclaimed hardwood.

Top plate
2 Arms

Step 3: Making the Baseplate.

At the bottom of the baseplate, the electronics will be mounted. The usb connector must be accessible for a charging cable.

Step 4: Making the Top Plate

In the top plate, the charging coil must be mounted. The coil must be as close as possible to the surface. In my case i made a dent in bottomside of the top plate and had about 1 mm material spare. The coil is mounted with double sided tape. I soldered the leads to the coil for later use.

Step 5: Getting the Wood Ready

4 mm from each corner I drilled the holes for the cables. In the arms there are 2 holes for the "counterforce cable". Then i gave it some lacquer for a shiny finish.

Step 6: Assemble Some Wood

The arms are glued on the upperside of the bottom and the lowerside of the top plate.
The cables are places. I used superglue to fix the cables to the wood.
As you can see i made a loop with the cables. This loop is used to get tension on the cables with a zip-tie.
After I applied tension to the cables, I again used superglue to fix the cables.
Later, the zip-tie can be removed.

Step 7: Get the Electric Connection

In the bottomplate and the top plate the electrical connections are made to the electronics and the charging coil.

Step 8: Ready to Charge... I Love It

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    25 days ago

    This looks sooo cool