Introduction: Floating Shelves

Very easy dynamic design, very fast setup and assembly, cheap (~10$), strong shelves.
I've built them not too long ago and I'd like to share. I'm presenting the steps with the 'after' photos since I didn't document it at the time. 

1.  4 Electric clamps (those small black ones, actually the color doesn't matter)
2.  2 Wire rope clamps
3.  Steel rope - should fit into the electric clamps, so a diameter of less than 4-5 mm is needed. I used 3m, if you build more sheves you need more rope.
4.  4 Angle cleats
5.  2 Shelves - solid wooden boardes (these are 80cm x 30cm, though I wanted longer ones) I found next the the dumpster.
6.  Screws - 8 x 2cm (to attach cleats to the shelves), 10 x 6-7cm (to attach the cleats and rope to the concrete).
7.  10 Plastic screw anchors for concrete
8.  2 Washers
1.  Electric drill driver with phillips bit.
2.  Electric drill with 6mm concrete drill.
3.  Small flat head screwdriver
4.  Pliers
5.  X-Acto knife

Step 1: Setup

1.  Angle cleats -> Shelves: Attach the angle cleats to the shelves' edge with the small screws. I screwed them 6 cm from the right and left edges.
2.  Holes in shelves: Drill using a 4mm wood drill two holes on the opposite side (the side farthest from the wall), 2-3 cm from both edges.
3.  Make 4 rope clamps: Take the electric clamps and CAREFULLY cut the plastic from them. I held them with the pliers (you can use a vise) and cut them with an X-Acto knife. What we're looking for is the metal part inside them and the screws.
It's easier to remove the plastic when the screws are removed (but don't throw them away!).
4.  Cut rope: Cut the steel rope to the desired length + enough excess for mistakes in measurements. Make a small loop on one side of each rope piece and fasten it very tightly with the wire rope clamps (not the ones we made),

Step 2: Mounting the Shelves

First of all measure measure measure.
Measure where you want the shelves.
Measure where you need to drill the holes for the screws that will hold the cleats.
measure how high you want the top two screws that will hold the two sheelves.
At some point along the process I didn't measure correctly or I've made some assumptions I shouldn't have and my shelves are off by 1cm which is driving me crazy.... but I'll get used to it...
1.  Drill all the holes in the wall - 2 for each cleat (4 for each shelf) and two at the top for the anchoring screws that will hold the shelves. I chose to drill them at a height of about 25cm from the top shelf, so the rope will function as a book stopper for my folders.
2.  Stick the plastic screw anchors in the holes. I used a hammer, but any blunt object is usable.
3.  Screw in the two top anchoring screws with the washers - don't screw them till they touch the wall, leave about 0.5 cm sticking out.
4.  Hang the rope's loop on the anchoring screws with the washers. Screw the screws as much as you can, till they touch the wall.
5.  Screw the top shelf in place. Pass the rope through it's front hole and lock it with the prepared rope clamps using the flat head screwdriver. Make sure the rope clamps are as tight as they can be !
6.  Repeat step 5 with the second shelf.
7.  Cut any excess rope.