Flone Quadcopter Transportation Box




Introduction: Flone Quadcopter Transportation Box

This is a Flone Quadcopter transport box.
This transport box is designed without nuts or screws with a slide door for carry a full drone kit: frame, propellers, gimbal, some batteries and even the battery charger.

Drones are very important to transport safely, so from the beginning we understant that the flone drone project will need also an open source plywood box.

Flone is designed to be small & compact, so the box should be small, light, and strong as well. We design this box for made it as small as possible in mind, but offering space too for everything else that you need in a international travel with a drone.

Recommended material: 4 mm Plywood, MDF or Acrylic.

Design files of the box are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.

We offer this creative commons instructions and share design files for everyone, please VOTE US for the Instructable Contest !!! We will win an extraordinary CNC for improve the designs.

Step 1: Cut the Material of the Box

Step time:30 minutes.
Tools:Laser cutter.

Download the files of the transport box from thingiverse repository and cut in a Fablab or Makerspace near you.

Customize the box using the open source tools you know and love.

The best material is 4mm plywood, but you can use also MDF or acrilic.

Step 2: Glue Box

Step time:20 minutes.

Tools: White glue.

Glue all the parts of the box.
Look the picture for understand where to place all the different parts.

Wait at least one hour to dry.

Step 3: Customize the Inside

Step time:30 minutes.
Tools:Foam & cutter.

Once you built the box, is time to build the inside.

You should buy some foam from a hardware store and cut to fit the box.

For better explain this step, we share with you this other Foam Drone Box Instructable that explains very well this technique.

And that's all. Enjoy your Flone transportation box.

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    6 years ago


    can Someone help to connect
    Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSU
    in order to fly a quadcopter ?

    And if it is impossible
    How to connect the TX700 Pro and the Quanum V52 Ground Control System, please?