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The new project that I made for the Lighting contest is a Light that you can drop on the floor anywhere.

This can be put Upside Down.. Horizontally and Vertically

This is made from 11 MDF 6mm board (25cm * 25cm)

1 Board for the structure (the big circle that would hold the rest of the wood)

10 Boards for the slices 2 per board, therefore at the end you get 20 slices of wood

The light is quite heavy and would then be perfect for dropping that in the corner of the room, even on some cupboard or desk

I Hope that you will find a great place for this in you interior design

for sure send me some pictures of what you have made out of it

Step 1: Cutting the Boards

For the board cutting I have used my great machine "Zmorph SX2.0". This is like a factory desktop ;-)

But anyway this can be made with any CNC router that you can use. Just follow the plan that I have provided and you can see also how this is done on my machine with the Video I have added

I have drawn the plan on Inkscape reusing some circle to hold made for another lamp that I have made

Then for the slice I defined a shape that could be used to play with the light Upside Down so as vertically

For the electric par this is a piece that I bought in my local DIY shop made for the Bedside lighting

Step 2: Assembling the Parts

So, once you have cut all the pieces

* One board for the Circle structure

* 10 boards for the 20 slices

Then this is a piece of cake to assemble them

But first pass the Electrical socket inside the hole of the circle

Then you can assemble the pieces all together as I have done on the Video that I have added to that step

At about the middle of the assembling process, do not forget to put the light bulb inside, otherwise it will be difficult once that you have all the pieces assembled

Step 3: Enjoy the New Lighting Experience

For me this is my first experience with such a light, I didn't get to see one light that you drop on the floor in the different shops that I have visited.

Therefore I hope that this experience would be great for you too and do not hesitate to post your remarks

And of course do not hesitate to vote for me into that lighting contest.

Please drop me pictures of what you got to do yourself!



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    5 years ago

    Another amazing design - congrats!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for the support and the great product you made

    YS Creations
    YS Creations

    5 years ago

    Interesting concept & design. Looking at the final pics I think that possibly having a second smaller ring (at the base) to space the fins may provide a more uniform spacing between the fins at that point.


    Reply 5 years ago

    You are right that this can be an improvment to the model.. i am thinking also to redesign the fins to get it less loose and avoid the unaligment. Another whay can be to put a ring on top and then press it with the electrical socket element. This way will lock the fins.. still alignment might get wrong. Tell me if you do anything in that style .. i am curious to see .. i might propose it too soon