Introduction: Floor Tom End Table With Smart Light

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When it comes to upcycle or repurposing projects, this drum table lamp was a pretty straight forward transformation. You only need a couple of power tools for this project. A jig saw, which is one of the least intimidating and inexpensive saws out there, as well as a drill and a hole saw bit.

You may have seen our previous drum upcycle. It was a small tom made into a table/lamp. We liked that one so much that when we saw this drum on the curb on trash day, we knew we had to rescue it!

The drum we used is a floor tom, which means it already has legs. Because of this we didn't have to build something for it to stand on. That step alone eliminated a lot of work and need for additional power tools.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Please visit our website for a complete materials/ tools list.

Step 2: Prepare the Floor Tom

To prepare the drum, we removed all the metal and set it aside to be cleaned later. Use a drum key to remove the drum heads. We borrowed one from a drummer friend.

Next, we removed the plastic covering on the drum body. This plastic is held in place with glue on one edge. It takes a little muscle to remove it. The remaining sticky part on the wood can be sanded away.

Once all the parts were removed, we sanded lightly inside and out. The outer body got a couple of coats of Bulls Eye shellac and the inner part was painted with DecoArt gold metallic paint.

Step 3: Add Support for the Lamp Kit

Because we added a smart light to the inside of our drum table, we needed to use a support piece where the lamp kit would fit.

We used a board we had on hand, laid the drum on top and marked the inside curve where we needed to cut. We cut this with a jigsaw.

Using a hole saw, we cut a hole the diameter of the lamp kit we were using.

Because this support piece was such a tight fit, we ended up not needed any brad nails or glue to secure it.

The lamp kit was them fitted and secured into place with the parts included in the kit.

It's at this point, we also set up the smart bulb on our phone. We are using a Wiz bulb that needs no hub for it to work. You simply screw it into any standard socket and control it via your phone.

Step 4: Reassemble and Final Touches

Before adding the hardware back, we cleaned up all the chrome with water and wadded up aluminum foil.

After everything was clean and shiny again, we reassembled the drum with the exception of the bottom drum head which we left off.

The floor tom legs were adjusted to the side table height we wanted. We finished the table with a large round of glass. A fun touch was adding flat glass pieces between the top drum head and glass.

For more details please watch the video and visit our website,

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