Introduction: Floor Wooden Lamp

I love Floor Lamp, so i decided to make one!

i've take some inspiration on google in this research : Wooden Floor Lamp

This project is very simple and low-cost.

it's customizable, red color is my favourite, which is your's?

Step 1: What Do You Need - Lamp Materials

You will need:

(x3) Broomstick 1€ each

(x1) Lamp Holder 1€

(x1) Electric Cable Lamp 7€

(x1) Wooden Board 5€

(x1) Lampshade 22€

Total Cost: 38€

Step 2: Tools!

- Different Saws

- Line

- Winepress

- Drill

- Trasparent Painting

- Carton

- Pen

- Scissors

- Bubble Level

Step 3: Cardboard Cutout

I choose a triangle shape to connect the legs.

I used three legs because thay are stable and not wobble.

Each leg will connect in an angle of the triangle with a perfect angle.Another small triangle will be on top for design.

1-draw two triangles on the carton, in my case the big one have 15 cm per side, and the small one 10,5 cm.

2- after draw lines for finding the center of the triangle to make an hole for the electrical cable

3- and find the best place where the legs will have theirs hole to connect

4- cut the cartoon and apply on the wood.

5- screw it on the wood shape

Step 4: Saw the Wood

First :hold the wood with the Winepress

Now we can saw it with the hand saw. The donkey work!

I used a line to have a straight cut.

Step 5: Drill and Sand It!

My Broomstick have 24mm diameter, i used a 22mm drill bit.

To have a particular angle, i want the legs are distant 50 cm distant each one to another at the bottom.On the top they are 6,5cm distant.

So using this Triangle Calculator i have the the 3 angles and i can drill it.

After that, i used sand paper to smooth all the superfice.

Step 6: Assemble It!

We can screw the Broomsticks togheter to the triangle.

Be sure they have the same length through the base and use the bubble level to mesure if the top is allineate to the ground.

Now assemble the top triangle with the Lamp Holder and fix it with screws.

at the end the the lampshade.

You can paint the wood, i use a transparent paint to have a lucid wood.

Step 7: Done!

maximum satisfaction, Yeahhhhhhhhhh!