Introduction: Floor Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Version #13

This robot has vertical container which collects dust using 12 volts cooler turbine. 

Most parts were bought on eBay.

It is controlled by Arduino board with very simple algorithm.

3 to 6 volts motors are used for moving. H-Bridge motor driver on HG7881 - a board controlling motors.

Base was made from plastic kitchen board - soft enough to be drilled, sawn and cut without much efforts.

Lithium battery (with solar cell) gives 5 volts and allows to work the robot about one hour.

Step-up circuit provides 12 volts to a turbine which collects dust. This circuit is made using standard design of MC34063 and induction.

Too tall - more than 12 centimeters (should be 11 cm maximum to go under a sofa).
Too slow - gear mounted on motors has too high ratio.

Other cons can be fixed:
thin bumper, simple algorithm for moving, no sensor on getting stuck.