Introduction: Floppy Disk Bag

This is a bag I made from floppy disks. I found scads of floppy disks in a dumpster and wanted to make plate mail armor out of it (that is my next floppy project) I found out that a bag would be a great proof of concept project. Here goes...
Check out the update (2008) and my new bag: Floppy Disk Bag: Install Disk 2

Step 1: Required Bits

Drill, hand, regular or trephine
1/8" drill bit
Pliers, I used bulldog pliers
Floppy disks (CRUCIAL)
Links, bits of chain from your local bead store
Nails and a plank o' wood
A pen
Elementary math skills Eg: the ability to count
The hardware for adding a strap
the strap

Step 2: The Matrix

This is the matrix for my bag, feel free to make your own. Also, try to get other colors and incoperate a pattern (I just love the classic beige, black, and blue.)

Step 3: Drill and Link, Horizontal Linking

The horizontal is the most easy to drill because it has premarked holes. for one all you have to do is unlock the disk. Then drill a hole in the divots already in place. Insert the links and squeeze shut

Step 4: Vertical Linking

use your judgment as to where to place the upper and lower holes, just remember that there will be a weak link because there is a weak part of the disk,

Step 5: Consider Making a Template

This will help you drill accurate holes in every disk (you shant need to drill all the holes for the disks that wont be attached on all sides keep this in mind

Step 6: The Edges

How to attatch the edges. Notice that the top holes for the disk on the left are not the same as the top holes for the disk on the right (the same is true for the bottom holes) this is because I measured and eyeballed and found out where those holes will need to be so I can fasten the peices together when I fold it up depending on how you set up the bag these could be side holes or whatever... use your best judgement.

Step 7: Begin Work in the Third Dimension

Begin folding and linking at the corners when every last link in the matrix is complete

Step 8: Almost...

Here is the bag fully formed

Step 9: Because I Had No Tiny Rubber Mac Feet...

Keys make good feet for the bag, trim out the inside and glue them on

Step 10: Attachments

these are what will hold the straps to your bag, these are held on with nuts and bolts. you can find all the strapcessories at your local camping, military surplus or other man-store

Step 11: The Other Side of the Strap

This side wil be held on by looping it through the metal dealie and securing it to itself with a metal ladder to enable adjustment of the strap

Step 12: Power to You, and Other Notes

Upon initial usage of this bag I got three offers to buy one and also realized that it needed some kind of interior reinforcement to make it able to bear weight easily. I suggest sealing the inside with duct or packing tape to keep problems from arising.Enjoy this newfound skill.

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