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Introduction: Floppy Disk Succulent Planter

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I have a huge box of floppy disks that I ma gradually finding projects to use them up on

Step 1: Supplies

Each planter requires:

5 x floppy disks (I like to use something interesting for the front these set is MSDOS 6.21, something plain for the sides and the base and something coloured for the back)

4 x Cable ties (I like to match the colour to the colour of the disk used for the back)

Cloth tape

Aluminium Tape

Silicone sealant (Hot glue would probably work just fine)

Step 2: Construction

  • Lay the discs out to form a cross, make sure you leave a small gap between them, when assembled the discs sit on top of the base disc.
  • Put a couple of small pieces of tape to hold the discs together while you cable tie the tops.
  • Using the holes already in the discs cable tie them together, The side discs sit inside the front and back.
  • Wrap the aluminium tape around the base and tuck underneath, this is the first step in waterproofing
  • Then seal all the internal seams with silicone.

Step 3: Planting

  • Mix the alpine gravel with a little of the cactus compost and place a layer in the base of the pots. Mixing the compost with the gravel helps to enable the water to drain through.
  • Top up the rest of the planter with cactus compost
  • Plant your plants
  • Top dress the planters with Alpine gravel
  • For most succulents place in a bright sunny spot without direct sun, water regularly during the growing season and less frequently during the winter.
  • Enjoy

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    This is so smart! I think I have tons of floppy disks lying around in storage somewhere that I could take out to do this! I reckon that it'll make very neat Christmas presents too since we're rolling around that time of the year eh? I think people can appreciate this little bit of DIY over the caring and sharing period!


    4 years ago

    Nice idea, specially with colorful floppies. Thanks for sharing


    4 years ago

    Neat idea, thanks for sharing. Fun fact, did you know nobody has been making floppies, & there is a big 2nd hand market for people needing them? A lot of old, important hardware, from air traffic control to industrial process machines use them.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, yes is scary what vital services still need them. We still have equipment in my lab that does and also uses ZIP disks