Floppy Disk Decoration - Keep Calm and Save




Introduction: Floppy Disk Decoration - Keep Calm and Save

Floppy disks have become the Save icon for a while now.

This is an iconic object, kind of geek but also so common for a generation of us.

I used it as part of a wall decoration, printing a label of "Keep Calm and Save". This is the best phrase I came up with. You can print anything you like better.

I just think the mention to "Save" is interesting, because it will recalls the "Save icon".

Step 1: Look for an Old Floppy Disk... Remove the Old Label and Clean It.

I had a box with some old stuff and found many Floppies there. You may have a friend that has some...

I removed the old label and wash the thing with some soap and it looks brand new.

Step 2: Create Your Label - I Used Powerpoint and Custom Page Size

I used Powerpoint, just because it is simple and good enough and didn't have another software readily available.

Go to File / Page Setup and adjust it to Custom 7.21cm x 7.21cm. This is the size that works well for my printer.

Step 3: Print It in a Self-adhesive Paper and Cut It Carefully

Just selected "Best Quality" when printing and no other special adjustment on the Print settings.

I used a A4 self-adhesive paper that you can find in any office supply store.

Print and cut the Label with a scissor.

Peel the adhesive back and position the label carefully.

Step 4: Hung It to the Wall With Some Magnets. You Can Use Another Thing.

I happen to have some magnets so I put a strong adhesive tape to fix them on the wall. The Floppy metal back (round part) will stick to the magnets. So I can easily remove it and people can touch/handle it (e.g. a children that only knows it as the Save icon).

You can fix it any other way, like with a small nail etc...

Step 5: Done, Save Icon Is Real

There you have the Save icon in my wall.

Keep Calm and Save

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    6 years ago

    nice ... using simple programs like PowerPoint and having a good outcome at the same time is pretty cool ?