Introduction: Floppy Drive Music /w Raspberry Pi

Use your Raspberry Pi to control a floppy drive to make music!

Step 1: Materials

  • Raspberry Pi
  • ATX power supply (can be found in old computers)
  • Floppy drive
  • Breadboard
  • Wires (9 female to male and 1 male to male)

Step 2: Connect the Floppy Drive

Connect floppy drive pin 11 to floppy drive pin 12. This is the grey wires on the picture. This is the "on switch" for the floppy drive.

Connect floppy drive pin 18 to pin 11 on the Pi (gipo 0) This is the yellow and red wire on the picture.

Connect floppy drive pin 20 to pin 12 on the Pi (gipo 1) This is the cyan and green wire on the picture.

Now connect floppy drive pin 17 and 19 to pin 6 on the Pi (ground) This is the orange, blue and brown wire on the picture.

The reason for using a breadboard and female to male wires when you can use female to female wires between the floppy drive is:
1. gives you more space to move around the things.
2. It is easier this way when it comes to connecting pin 17 and 19 to ground.

Step 3: Power Supply

Connect the ATX power supply to the floppy drive and then locate the largest connector from the ATX power supply and connect the male to male wire from the green wire on the connector to the nearest black wire on the connector.

Step 4: Prepare Your Pi

Power on your Pi and plug in a internet cable. You can then use one of these methods:


SHH in via a program like PuTTY and do the rest from your computer


Connect mouse, keyboard and a screen.

Step 5: Install WiringPi

You will need to install wiringPi to control the gipo pins.

in the terminal, type:

sudo apt-get install git-core

then type

git clone git://

and finally type these two commands

cd wiringPi

for more information on how to install see:

Step 6: Getting the Music File

Make a new directory named floppymusic with the command

mkdir floppymusic

then go to that directory by typing

cd floppymusic

now create a new C++ file named main with

nano main.cpp

then copy the code from into that file.

exit and save the changes!

Step 7: Compiling and Running

install the compiler:

sudo apt-get install g++

and run the command:

g++ main.cpp -lwiringPi

Step 8: Playing the Music

Now make sure you're in the floppymusic folder and type


Congratulations you are now playing music on a floppy drive!

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