Floral Charm Bracelet for Kids




Introduction: Floral Charm Bracelet for Kids

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Looking for a perfect gift for your little sweet heart? I recommend this tutorial on how to make a colorful charm bracelet for kids. This will be a great parent-child project!

Step 1:

Colorful Wood Beads



Bracelet Making Chain

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter Pliers

Step 2: Make the Charms

Slide the wooden mushroom bead onto a headpin. Make a simple loop at top. Next, do the same process with the wooden flowers and eye pins.

Step 3: Adorn the Bracelet Making Chain With Round Wood Beads

1st, slide the round seed beads onto jump rings three by three;

2nd, hook the jump ring onto the chain link relatively random.

Step 4: Add on the Handmade Charms

Arrange your pattern and lay the prepared elements onto a desk. Open the simple loops on each charm and then fix them in right position.

Step 5: Done!

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