Introduction: Floral Headbands

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It's been awhile since I've posted anything...
I am making floral headbands right now.
My mom came across literally around 1,000 unmade silk flowers.
I've been cranking them out like crazy!
They are a blast to make!!!

Step 1: Items Needed

Inexpensive plastic headband.  
Can be covered with ribbon, chain, or what have you.  It can also be thin or wide.
Visit the floral department at your local craft store and look for packages of unmade silk flowers.
I used white starflowers on the head band pictured
You will also need flower stamen(2nd picture).
I use loctite crafters glue..indoor safe version, clear nylon thread and a needle.
Felt, small buttons(or larger depending on what size flower you picked).  You can use whatever color felt you like.
Metallic sharpie type markers(craft style not the stinky ones).  I used metallic Elementz markers.

Step 2: Color Your Flowers

Take your Metallic markers and gently color the edges of the flowers(as far as this goes you can leave the edges uncolored if you wish...or paint them with acrylic to keep them from fraying so's very much up to you!). 
I did two flowers at a time so it didn't take so long.
Also, if you buy precolored and cutsie flowers you can completely skip this step.
Also, yes they look messy...  But I swear it adds to the charm.
You can paint the side however you like.  
I am actually going to use alcohol ink on the next one I make.
Cannot wait!!

Step 3: Sewing to the Square

Next, you will be attaching the flowers and buttons to the felt(my felt measured 2.5 inches).  
You can use however big or small a square that you like.  
I suggest laying them down first to get a feel of how you want them(also helps if you do this on the exact match to the piece you are working you can lay them out and transfer one from another). 
I also recommend sewing the buttons thru the flowers several times to make them VERY secure. 
These will be fine on an infant that doesn't mess with their hair things yet, but use caution when making for a curious toddler. 
The buttons on mine are very small, so they would likely not be an issue if swallowed(mine are pencil eraser sized), but buttons bigger than these could be. 
The picture below is my almost finished flower square. 
I rearranged the petals the way I wanted them. As you can see I used different buttons all over it. 
I also fill in the brown parts showing with buttons or beads sometimes.

Step 4: Adding the Stamen

Now you add the stamen. 
The placement will be completely up to you. 
What I like to do is wrap them around under the petals and secure them  under them. 
That way you can't see but just a lil bit of the stems. 
Tack them down several times so they are secure..

Step 5: Finished Square

This is what the finished square will look like before you attach to the headband.

Step 6: Attaching the Square

I will show you how to attach to a headband after you are done(even though this is an ugly band and not what I actually attached this piece too).   
You will cut a slightly smaller piece of felt. 
Cover the smaller piece of felt with glue(be generous, but not TOO generous). 
Cover the band, along with, where the felt with flowers will be touching it as well. 
Squeeze together tightly and set aside to dry. 
I would catch it in between a drawer(or standing up between books so it's not laying on it's side(this will cause the felt to slip).

A small note about the glue I use.
I use loctite crafters glue(indoor safe version).
It has the best hold I have found without the smell of the other adhesives.
Honestly, I don't recommend using the alternative smelly versions unless you plan on making these outside(and letting them dry outside too).

Step 7: Alternative Headband

If you have an ugly headbands laying around you can repurpose them.
I wrapped this one shown in ribbon.
It is not fun, nor is it easy.
You have to start at the ends....
Cover a small length of headband at a time and wrap it EXTREMELY tight.
Then you cover the ends with ribbon, or some other material.
It is so tedious that I don't recommend doing it unless you just really want to.
It really does make for a cute piece if you do though.
Both headbands shown were hand wrapped.
Wrapping the head bands took me about 30 minutes a piece....

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I do. 
The possibilities are endless!

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