Introduction: Floral Leather Sandals

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I am a fan of leather sandals on Summer time. I love their shapes, their decoration and how comfortable they are. That's why this year I have decided to decorate my sandals

Step 1: Materials


1. Leather Sandals

2. Floral Ribbon

3. Cord

4. Glue

5. Scissor

6. Tool for making wholes in leather

Step 2: Measure for the Wholes

I wanted to make sure that the fabric ribbon will remain for ever on my shoes, that's why I have used both the glue and cord. So first mark where you want your cord and then make the wholes.

Step 3: Making Wholes

So measure where to make the wholes and use the tool. I have done 6 wholes in couples.

Step 4: Use the Cord

Cut 3 pieces of the cord and pass them in the wholes. After all the cords were in a beautiful pink color perfect to add more color and of course to make them unique.

Step 5: Add the Ribbon

Put some glow on the floral ribbon and add it on the leather.

Step 6: Final Step

Make a double knot with the cord. The small knot every 2-3 flowers was a beautiful detail and at the same time makes the decoration more stable. Your shoes are ready!

Step 7:

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