Introduction: Floralia Insektans - a Steampunk Terrarium / Plant Observer

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Hi there,

today i would like to show you a Steampunk Terrarium / Plant Observer. Inside is sitting a " Venus Fly Trap "

The Glastank is an old Lightbulb 2000 Watt and the small Watertank was a Neonbulb. A Pump pours on push of a Button automatically the System. Nightlight is going on by a Sensor.

Step 1: What We Need ?

Many Brass Lamp divides

Brass Tubes 10mm

A old Lampfoot with 3 Legs


Small Lightbulbs , is used green

Thin Cables


Gear Waterpump

A small Speaker

A Furniture lock

A Moisture Sensor

Arduino nano

A big Lightbulb and a smaler one

Some Brass divides and Ornaments


A venus Fly Trap and Ground

Step 2: The Beginning

Ok, first we prepare the Big Lightbulb. Pls, use Gloves and Eye protectors. That´s very important !!!!!

Cut the Thread and empty the Lightbulb. Please be carefull thereby the outer hull do not break.In order not to cut oneself at glass remains we give hotglue around the edge.Make again, please careful and slow!!!!

Now we prepare the lower flat for the technology ( pic 2 ).Bolt on the lampfoot and solder the brasstubes for the cables. Also we prepare the Housing for the speaker (pic 5 ). Decorate with a gear wheel or/and other things. I used a 30mm speaker with 8 Ohm.

Glue the furniture closed and the switch as in pic 4. If now the key is turned the switch is switched on.

Below the flat we solder a bulb socket for the Water tank. pic 6 and pic 7

Step 3: First Compilation

In the first compilation it looks like a man from mars ^^

Step 4: The Feeding Opener

The feeding opener is the cover of the whole equipment. Inside there are the cables for the nightlighting and the water hose. On top is a shrinkable plug to give Insects inside.

The lighting for the water tank consists 2 led's. A blue and a orange one. I call it " Light roots "*gg

Step 5: Technology

Now we solder all cables together. The water pump in the middle. Programming the Arduino Nano and make a first test. I made a small hole for arduino into the lower flat to programming later or in order to make changes.

Step 6: Testing

After the implant of the fly trap and the moisture sensor we test the sensor and the necessary worth adjusts at the computer.

Step 7: Finish

On the left holder sit the switch for pump and the lighting for the " Light roots ", on the right holder is the speaker for acoustic alarm.

Many THX for read that and i hope you like it ;)

Your Leander Lavendel