Introduction: Floss Box Keychain

I am always in need of a headphone splitter, but I never seem to have it with me when I need it. If it put it on my keychain, I thought, I'd never be without it. I designed this to hold a small headphone splitter, but many things could fit inside of it.

Step 1: Get Parts/Tools

1.Old Floss Box
(I'm sure you have 7 of these that are unopened, and we all know why.)
2.Keychain Ring
3.The item you will put in the box
(In my case the splitter)

1. Single Hole Punch
(I used a paper hole punch, but I'm sure it would have been much easier with a leather punch)

Step 2: Get Punching

You will make two hole punches on the floss container. Be sure not to put any pressure on the box other than the area in which you are punching a hole. It will crack.

You will make one hole punch on the front, top, left side.

The next punch will be on the the left side near the top. Make sure the keychain ring will be able to go through these two holes.

Step 3: Put the Ring In

Pretty self-explanatory.

Step 4: Attach to Your Keys and Put the Item In

Again, no need for explanation.