Introduction: Flour Bomb (Flour/cement)

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Hi all. Today I will be showing you how to make a flour bomb :). First step is to find a nice grassy patch which you don't mind getting covered in flour.


Step 1: First Step

Okay what you need is:

Kitchen Tissue
Flour or some kind of powder
Masking tape (NOT DUCT TAPE)

Duct Tape tears the tissue to easly

Step 2: Step Two

This step is very simple alll you have to do is take one kitchen tissue and place a handful of your powder in the center.

View Pic 2

Step 3: Twist & Wrap

The next step is to fold the kitchen tissue up and SOFTLY twist it( Softly so that is doesn't tear)
View pic 1 for refrance.

Then take the Masking tape and do 2-5 wraps around the stem created.
In the second and third are pics of the wraped and twisted "bombs"
The second pic is a mistake I placed to much powder in the second step .This tore it.
The third one is better

Step 4: DONE

Okay now your done your bombs so you must throw them BUT there is a techniqe requied.

To throw like a bomb the explodes on target hold the thick part OR refer to pic 1

For a dust trail hold just above the tape and as you throw it try and tear of the "tail"
This will allow the "dust" to flow out the tail.