Introduction: Flourecent Night Light

This is a tutorial on how to transform a used deodorant stick into a florescent night light.

Since I had a lot of used deodorants laying on my shelf, hacking them into a night light would be a great idea. The simple step by step tutorial will guide you to creating an awesome deodorant night light.

Step 1: Materials

Those are materials you probably find if you do any basic electronic projects.

empty clear deodorant case
9v battery+clip
2 10mm black light LEDs
 florescent highlighter
electrical tape
glue gun
soldering gun

Step 2: Body

Take apart and wash each part to remove the junk from the inside. To remove the white piece from the inside, I made a hole on top of the deodorants body by shoving a soldering iron thought it and pushing it with a slim long stick. You won't be needing it so throw it in the trash.

Break off the stem from the inside piece.

Step 3: Put Some LEDs in It!

Cover up the top part of the case with hot glue and make sure to clog every small hole. Take your time, and be precise. Make two holes with your soldering gun a bit smaller than the head of the LEDs.

Takethe long prong from one LED and connect it to another LEDs short prong. Connect the red wire from the 9v clip to the long side of the LEDs. The black wire to the shorter LED prong. Cut the black wire in half midway and connect one prong of the switch to one side and another to the other side of the black wire. (It doesn't matter whether you use the black or red wire)

Solder each component together.

Shove the two LEDs into the holes of the deodorant and seal it thoroughly. I put my mouth into the other end of the tube and blow air to see if the top is sealed.

Step 4: Housing

Make a small rectangular hole in the middle of the cap.
Connect the 9v battery to the clips. Flip the switch, ON. Great it works, if not check your connections. Glue the switch on top of the cap. Fit the battery inside of the cap and tuck in the wires as-well. Take a long piece of electrical tape and tape around the bottom of the cap to the top of the body. If your cap can fit everything inside, good for you, you need less tape.

Step 5: Liquid Light

Pour enough water to fill the inside of the deodorant to the top. Remove the inside of your highlighter and drop about 10 drops of the liquid inside the water that's in the deodorant.
Close the bottom and seal with hot glue if necessary. Make sure the water is not leaking.

Step 6: Turn the Light OFF!

Switch the switch to ON, turn off the lights and watch how you transformed a useless deodorant tube into a night light!

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