Introduction: Flower Box for Kids

These instructions contain steps on how to make a cardboard flower box with children. These simple steps will foster creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. Read on to learn how to have an afternoon of fun creating a flower box with your children from simple materials that can be found around your home!

Step 1: List of Materials and Tools

1. Cardboard

a. Two (2) pieces of cardboard that measure 18”x9”. (This can be newly bought from a store (9”x9” box) or used pieces from shipping boxes).

2. Twelve (12)- 1” brass fasteners

3. Construction paper of various colors for decorating the box and making the flowers

4. Markers/stickers/glitter to put your own personal touch on the box.

5. Pipe Cleaners

a. You’ll need a pack that has enough for the number of flowers you want to make-green works best!

6. Scotch Tape

7. Scissors or box cutter

8. Ruler

Warning: Do not let small children use scissors or a box cutter to cut the cardboard. Use caution when poking holes for the brass fasteners.

NOTE: While adult is putting the box together, children can be cutting out flowers from the construction paper and connecting them to the pipe cleaners. Children can also assist with inserting the brass fasteners. It is recommended that an adult cuts the cardboard and make the holes for the brass fasteners.

Step 2: Creating the Flowers

1. Trace an outline of a flower on construction paper feel free to cut various shapes and different types of flowers!

2. Cut the flower out using scissors.

3. Attach flower to pipe cleaner using tape.

4. Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaner about 1.5 inches from the end in order to make it stand up in the box.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the number of flowers that you intend to put into the box.

Step 3: Cutting the Box

1. Use a ruler to measure pieces of cardboard and use marker to mark lines at 18” long and 9” wide.

2. Cut 2 cardboard pieces to size (18”long x 9” wide).

Step 4: Folding the Box

1. Measure 4.5” from each end and use a marker to make a mark. (Do so on both pieces of cardboard).

2. Crease the cardboard on the marks that you just made. It should resemble a square when folded over with two flaps folded on top.

Step 5: Poking Holes Into the Cardboard

Warning: Be careful when poking the holes in the cardboard.

1. Use scissors to poke holes large enough for brass fasteners in all four corners of the square portion of each piece of cardboard (where the black circles are located).

2. Repeat step 1, this time poking holes in the end (flapped) portions of each piece of cardboard. Poke 2 holes in each end near the corners (where black circles are located).

3. In total, each piece of cardboard should have 8 holes.

Step 6: Attaching Cardboard Together

1. Place the 2 pieces of cardboard on top of each other to make a cross shape with the inside of the box facing up.

2. Feed brass fastener through the holes of the square portion. Make sure to go through BOTH pieces of cardboard.

3. Once all four fasteners are in, flip the cardboard pieces over.

4. Push the clamps of the fasteners down to secure the fit.

Step 7: Putting the Sides Together

1. Use ruler to measure out 4-2”x1” strips of cardboard.

2. Cut out the 4-2”x1” strips of cardboard.

3. Fold these strips of cardboard in half to create a crease.

4. Use the scissors to poke two holes in the top of each strip, near the center on each side of the crease.

Step 8: Bringing It All Together

1. Place the strip in the corner of the box at the top where two sides come together. Make sure to align them as best you can.

2. Use brass fasteners to connect the two sides to the cardboard strip.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all four corners of the box.

4. The box should stand up on its own now.

Step 9: Putting the Finishing Touch On

Your child can now decorate the box using markers/stickers, etc. The sky’s the limit here!

To attach flowers:
1. Bend the opposite end of the pipe cleaner so that it will lie on the bottom of the flower box.

2. Use scotch tape to secure the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the box. Make sure to place the tape at the bent portion of the pipe cleaner to ensure the flower will stay upright.

Voila! You now have your very own cardboard decorative flower box with the creative touch of your child. Display on your coffee table or on a nearby bookshelf for a pop of decoration! Your child can now decorate the box using markers/stickers, etc. The sky’s the limit here!

Note: It is always environmentally friendly to recycle. Consider recycling cardboard or paper scraps that were not used.