Flower From Used Bottle and Origami

Introduction: Flower From Used Bottle and Origami

Hello guys now I would like to share for you all how to make a flower by using used bottle and Origami. Okey let's check it out!


Tools and material we need
1. Scissor
2. Origami Paper
3. Beads
4. Glue
5. Used bottle

Step 1: How to Make Stalks

1. Cut the bottle at the top and the bottom into 3 parts
2. Take the top of the bottle and then cut with the scissor into small pieces
3. Used a pencil to make the shape of the stems by pulling one part down and the other upward to cross up so that it forms a stalk

Step 2: How to Make Flowers

1. Cut the Origami Paper into for 4 parts
2. Take 1 sheet of paper and then fold the triangle three Times the triangle lip
3. Then cut the outside of the rounded folds
4. Open the crease and cut one side of the flower to the center of the crease
5. After that pour the glue onto the cuttings that were scissor and attach the cut flowers to the top of the other side so that they are somewhat conical
6. After that, stick beads in the middle of each flower
7. Of everything has been done attach the finish sheet flower on the stalk that has been ready to attach one by one on regular basis from the top to the top neat and orderly
8. When you have finished the flower, attach the bottom of the bottle that was cut with the flower that we have attached

Okey flower from Origami and Used bottle is ready

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