Introduction: Flower Hair Accessories

Here is a way to make a flower hair accessory for summer. Add a bit of summer spirit to any outfit! You can use it to add a bit of formal element to an outfit or have a casual look. They are very customizable and you can personalize them to suit your own style.

I think anyone can make these, but it helps if you have some sewing experience. They take about 30 minutes to make depending on your skill level.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

- Sewing machine
- Needle and thread
- Fabric (scraps work great for this project!)
- Scissors
- Glue
- Cardstock (or something sturdy)
- Buttons, beads, or anything you can think to use for the center of your flower
- Hair pin of your choice (consider the size that you want your flower when choosing!)

Step 2: Cut Fabric

You'll need six squares of fabric, one for each petal. Cut each piece with the dimensions you want the flower to be. For example, a 5cm square would make a flower that is just under 5cm. I wouldn't recommend making it less than 4cm since it can get tricky to sew.

For a flower with two (or more) colours, cut additional squares for each petal that are slightly larger/smaller than the original squares you cut. The larger squares will be the outer colour and the smaller ones will be the inner colour.

I haven't tried, but I imagine you could use more or less petals. Experiment and see what you like best! Also mixing and matching colours, alternating fabrics, etc. can make interesting flowers!

Step 3: Make Petals

Following the pictures, fold the fabric in half , and then fold it in half again. You should have a smaller square now (see second photo).

Next, fold the lose corners up to the second fold you made (see photos 3 and 4). Align the edges so they are equal. You should have a triangle now (photo 5).

Step 4: Sew Petals

Using a sewing machine, sew a straight line along the messy unfinished edge. Since there are a lot of layers and it is small, be very careful and go slowly! You don't want to hurt yourself or your machine! Reinforce the stitching by going up and down the seam three or four times. This is very important because you will be cutting through this seam later.

Cut off the extra, cutting close to the seam but not too close or it will fray and the stitches will fall out!

You should now have six triangles, one for each petal.

Step 5: Sew Petals Together

Stack two petals on top of each other and line up the rough edge. Using a needle and thread, sew through about half of each petal (see second photo). It doesn't matter if you get exactly half the layers, just an estimate. Stitch about 1 - 2cm, or about half way, depending on the size of your flower (see photo 3 for an approximation).

Repeat this process for each petal until you have a stack of all the petals. Half of the previous petal and half of the next petal.

Step 6: Sew the Last Two Petals Together

By following the same pattern in the previous step, sew the final two petals together. It's a bit tricky, but if you do a lose stitching and then gently but firmly tug on the thread when you're done, it should come together nicely in a circle and not be too flat.

If you fiddle around with it a bit and it should be more or less circular.

Step 7: Cut Off the Pointy Bits

Isolate one petal and cut off the bottom (pointy) part. Be sure to cut below your hand stitching. This is why you didn't go all the way down by hand and reinforced with the sewing machine earlier.

Repeat for each petal, making sure each one is cut about the same amount to get a flat bottom.

Step 8: Tidy Up the Bottom

Take half of one petal and half of the adjacent petal (see photo 1). Hand stitch the unfinished edges together. This helps ensure that the flower stays in one piece, and also eliminates unsightly holes in your flower! Repeat for each petal.

Step 9: Puff Out Those Petals!

Time to make your flower look more like a flower and not a series of folded napkins.

Use your fingers to push down the middle fold of each petal as shown in photo 2. Squash the petals to the center (photo 3) to help them take form.

Fiddle about with it until the petals have taken a shape that work for you.

Step 10: Add the Middle Piece

Hand sew the middle piece onto your flower. Alternatively, you could glue it onto the flower if your middle piece can't be sewed.

I like to make sure that the button is held by at least one stitch per petal. It helps to make the button sit in the middle, and makes extra sure that it is secured.

Step 11: Make the Bottom Piece

The bottom piece will hide the stitching on the bottom of your flower and also provide a sturdy place to attach the hair clip.

Find something round that's about the size of the bottom of your flower. You can use bottles, coins, buttons, or a compass if you're feeling adventurous. Trace two circles onto the cardstock and cut them out. Glue them together to make an extra thick base.

Next cut a rough circle from fabric that is a bit bigger than your card circles. Glue the border down following photos 5 - 8.

Be careful not to get too much glue on your fingers so you don't get any on the nice part of your fabric!

Step 12: Attach the Hair Clip

First glue the bottom piece you just made to the bottom of the flower. Line up the bottom edges of the petals so they're arranged well along the base before the glue dries.

Make a line of glue across the base of your flower for the hair clip. Think about how you want the alignment. If you use a clip with a spring handle thingie, think about how you could hide it best amongst the petals.

Step 13: Bonus: Leaves and Alternative Petals

Cut a square of green and fold it in half. Hold it at the midpoint and unfold half of it and fold it down following photos 3 - 6. Fiddle around with the angle until you like it.

Simarily to how you folded the petals, bring together the edges of the leaf. Trim the edges and sew together.

Poof! A pointy petal! Or a leaf! You decide!

Bonus bonus: Pop it inside out to get a puffier/rounder leaf that hides things better.

Step 14: Done!

These flowers are very customizable. Add anything you want! Extra buttons, ribbons, lace, glitter, make flower clusters, etc.!

I hope you have fun making these! If you do make them, please leave comments about how you personalized them and leave photos if you can!

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