Flower Hair Clip

Introduction: Flower Hair Clip

Hey! You can make a fabric flower hair clip! First you will need:
~Two colors of fabric
~multiple sizes of buttons that match the two colors ( or jewel)
~Hot glue gun
~ Clip or barrette
~ Sewing needle
~ And scissors.

You won't need much fabric for this and you can use almost any fabric you want. Okay here is the first step!

Step 1: The Petal

First you need to make the flower petal! you will need a square piece of fabric. At the most you can do a 4 inch square and the least I would only use a two inch depending on the size of the clip. first you need to fold the square in half like a triangle! (photo # 1). The fabric in the photos will be pinned so that you can see what they are suppose to look like. Then you take the two corners on the outside and fold them to the inside like in picture two. sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry. Then you flip it over and take the two side corners and fold them into the middle like picture three! from that point you fold that in half and stick a pin through it so it will hold its shape. you flip it over again so that the front will show. it should look like picture number four. Then look at it from the side and use fabric scissors ( they work the best) to cut it off from the bottom corner ( pic # 5). Make four petals of each color, if your doing two. you should have eight petals. you can really do any amount of colors but i prefer to do two ( patterns work well too!). Next you will be sewing them together!

Step 2: Sewing Them Together!

So you need to sew these together! thread your needle and get ready to sew! have the front of the petal facing up and go through with the needle from right to left, always go in from that side. try and do it a close as you can to the bottom of the petal without having the folds on the other side of the petal come loose and unfolding themselves. you can check this by putting the needle all the way through the petal but not so the string has gone through it. then you can pull the bottom apart a little, little being the key word, to see if the needle has gone through ALL of the folds. do this with all the petals make sure you have a few inches of thread on each side of the petals so that it is easier to tie. Next you need to pull together or bunch up the petals by puling the thread together. the petals need to be flat and like picture number two. tie the knot so that it will stay like this, try to have the extra thread in the back and trim it as small as you can. next you need to add the button or jewel center.

Step 3:

Now you can use buttons or some jewels for the center. I personally like buttons. so now you warm up your hot glue gun. hot glue is best because you know it wont be coming off anytime soon. so you put the hot glue on the actual flower in the center. try and use a button big enough to cover the ends of the petals in the center otherwise it will no look as goo and will be more flimsy. try and catch the little hot glue strings when you pull away and add the button. You may think  you are done if you just want a flower and not an actual clip. but nope. now you have to deal with the back of the flower.

Step 4:

This is the back of the flower in the first picture, if it looks like something else then you have either done the petals wrong or flipped the flower. oh well. anyways you will need a circle of fabric, enough to cover the ends of the flower like the button anyways. don't unplug the hot glue yet because you will need it for this too! you want the circle to be big  but not too big, so if you look at the flower from the top you shouldn't see much if any of the circle. After your done gluing it down it should look like picture 3. Time to add the barrette.

Step 5:

You will still need a glue gun for this. try and center the barrette on the flower if you can. use some hot glue to glue it down on the fabric circle on the back of the flower. don't worry of some hot glue comes out of the sides! Make another fabric circle about the same size and the other one. this will go over the metal bar and cover the hot glue that came out the sides. glue it down like the other and let dry. 

Step 6:

Congratulations! you have finished the fabric flower barrette!
Now these don't have to make these into barrettes. they can be made into plenty of things, necklaces, rings, earrings, headbands, accessories... ANYTHING! tell me if you want me to post another way to use the fashionable flowers! Bye! Also show me some of your finished flowers! i would love to see them! Have fun!

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