Introduction: Flower Hat.

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It's definitely a statement.

This hat is a combination of two instructables that I edited and smashed together - the hat from here, and the flower from here. (Thanks, original authors, for giving me the ideas and saving me the hours it would've taken me to develop them myself :P)

So... if you visited those links, you'll probably see that my hat is missing a creeper face, and that it's a lightish grey color. I used the pattern because I didn't have time to consult my Sewing SenpaiElder about the mystical art of creating fleece hats.

And... well, the flowers? I changed the circle-recipe a bit, converted it to felt, and didn't use a button. But I still love the original version.

Let's get sewing!


I'm going to teach you how to make the flower first. If you read the original instructable first, it will make a marginally larger amount of sense to you... hopefully. (It's easy to understand.)

You need:

One sheet of felt in any color. Bright and colorful works the best :)

Complimentary embroidery floss, 6-strand. Try to get it as similar in color as possible.

Ivory/off-white colored felt, for the middle of the flower.

4" circle pattern.

Sharpie marker or similar pen/marker.

NOTE: The camera I use sucks. So the pictures for this instructable may be horrible. I know for a fact that they are off-color - the felt I'm using is a really pretty dark purplish color, and the camera kind of makes it look blue. Sometimes, though, it looks OK.

Gather your stuff!

Step 2: Circles.

Cut 4" circles out of your felt. Make 3 of 'em.

Cut those in half as evenly as you can. (Sorry, I don't have a picture.)

Fold those halves in... half.

Make five of the folded-over halves; keep the extra one for another time.

Prepping these "petals" is pretty much like the other instructable, so if I'm confusing you, just consult the original here.

Step 3: Get Sewing.

Thread your needle with about 1.5 feet of embroidery floss, just in case.

Sew across the rounded part of your "petal". Scrunch it up really tight. This part is pretty much the same as the other instructable, too.

So, make all of the petals like this. Do all of 'em on the same string, partially to ensure absolute sturdiness on the flower, partially for convenience, and partially because I did them like this and I'm lazy.

When you're done, sew the two end petals together like shown in the last picture. You'll now have something like a scrunched-up flower with no middle.

Step 4: The Middle.

Cut a circle from your ivory-colored felt. Make its diameter about .5" larger than the middle of your flower. Then prep your needle again.

Sew the edge of the ivory felt around the top of the flower, but in a way that you cannot see the stitches. Think of it as how you would think of sewing something inside-out. It's really hard to describe, but you're a smart person!!!, so you should be able to figure it out.

Step 5: HAT STUFF!

I'm not 100% sure how much fleece I needed, but it wasn't much. Do me a favor and print two of the templates (from the original hat instructable, NOT MINE.) and butt and tape them together. All you need to make the hat is two times this amount of fabric, so make sure you can fit two of these patterns into your fleece.

All you need is some...

Light grey fleece (or color of your choice, but the light grey really makes the flower's color pop!)

Matching thread

Sharpie marker

Sewing machine

Mediocre sewing machine experience (I am NO expert, and I'm not teaching you to use the machine in this instructable. I pretty much only know how to thread the machine, bobbin, and press the pedal thingie. And I also know it's bad when the machine goes CLUNKCLUNKCLUNK and refuses to sew anymore... yeah.)

Let's get making hats!

Step 6: Cutting the Hat.

Trace the pattern onto your material twice. Cut it out.

Simple, right?

Step 7: The Creases.

As said in the original instructable, "At the very top, measure two inches down and mark with a pin. About 1/2 inch over from the fold on the top, draw a diagonal line with a piece of chalk down to the pin you marked."

Step 8: Sewing It.

Simply sew the creases that you just marked.

Step 9: Pin It! Sew It.

Pin around the edge of the hat and sew it. Make sure you have an even stitch, because you can really see all of your mistakes when the hat's finished.

When you're done, roll up the bottom about 2". Pin it, sew it, and

Step 10: Finishing the Hat

So! Your hat is done :) Now you just need to add the flower... and that's a whole other story...

Step 11: Flower Attachment.

Find a good place on your hat to place the flower. Make sure to model it in the mirror so you know you like the placement.

Sew it right on! Try to get the stitches as close as possible to the center, and make sure to pull it tight.

When you're done, knot it off securely.

You're done! Admire your awesomeness :)

Step 12: End.

And, since I'm in the Remix 2.0 contest, if you liked the instructable... no, I'm not going to say it.

But if you did like it, or if you made it, vote.


So much.

Edit: Well that was eventful :P

Thanks anyways if you did vote though :)

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