Introduction: Flower Heart Canvas

This flower heart canvas is an easy and perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Blank Canvas
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sissors
  • Pencil
  • Fake Flowers

Step 2: Remove the Flowers From the Stems

I tried cutting off the flowers at first but then realized that I could just pop them off.

Step 3: Draw a Heart on Your Canvas

I just a stencil to draw this heart. To make a heart stencil fold your paper in half. On the folded side of the paper draw half a heart, then cut the heart out on the pencil marks. Finally trace onto your canvas.

Step 4: Arrange Your Flowers

Arrange your flowers where you want to glue them down. Keep rearranging them until you like how it looks.

Step 5: Glue the Flowers

Glue the flowers to your canvas

Step 6: You're Done!

Step 7: Check Out a Video Tutorial

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