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Introduction: Flower Power Bracelet

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This adorable bracelet is both quick and fun to make! Also, it is easily customizable. Just change the flowers colours, or add more or less spacer beads for a new look each time.

* I made this bracelet for my sister who is only a toddler. That is why my finished product is so small. As she is very young I wanted it to fit snugly, but not right so she would be able to keep it on.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

-scissors (not shown)
-sewing needle
-elastic cord
-beads (size 6)

Step 2: Getting Started

To start you will need to cut a piece of the elastic cord. I recommend cut it about 24 inches. Double it to 48 if you are going to make a necklace though.

Then thread your needle. This is often the hardest part, as sewing needles have a very small hole. Being patient is key for this step. :)

*I chose to use gold elastic cord instead of clear to make my bracelet for this tutorial. The gold shows up much better on camera, mailing it easier for me to show the steps. However, I recommend using clear as it will be less noticeable when the bracelet is completed.

The end of the string that is not threaded into the needle must then be tapes to a sturdy work surface.

Step 3: Adding First Beads

String your first bead in which ever colour you would like your flowers petals to be. Then string one bead in the colour you would like your flowers centre to be. And finally sting three more in the first petal colour.

Next, go back through the first petal bead with your needle, as shown in pictures above. Pull tightly. You have now done half of the first flower.

Now string three more petal beads. Then pull the needle through the petal bead that is directly below the centre bead. Pull sting right. Yay!! You have know completed your first flower.

Lastly, string on your spacer beads. This is not mandatory. You don't need to put on any, or you could go crazy and do ten! It's up to you!

Step 4: Continuing

Repeat step three until the bracelet fits as comfortably as you would like. Briefly that means to string five beads. The 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th are petal, and the 2nd is centre. Then bring needle back through first bead. String three more petal beads. Pull tightly as you send needle through bead directly below centre bead.

Embarrassingly, I ran out of orange beads as I went along. Instead of starting over, I just decided to use a different colour for my petal beads. I recommend doing a pattern, or continuing with the same colours, but it does give the bracelet a unique look.

Step 5: Finishing Up

After the bracelet fits your wrist properly add one more set of spacer beads to complete it. Then tie both ends of the string together into a knot. Do this as close to the first flower and final spacer beads in order to make sure as little cord is visible as possible. Also, do either a double or triple knot to make sure the strings never come undone. Congrats you have now finished your flower power bracelet. This bracelet is simple and quick and looks great in millions of colour combinations. I hope you enjoyed this instruct able instructablers!!

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