Flower Ring

Introduction: Flower Ring

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Step 1: Makin It

First add 2 single bands

Step 2:

Then add 1 single band 2 the left the right

Step 3:

Then ad 1 to the left then right pointing 2 the middle. Then ad 1 goin up on the left then right

Step 4:

Now (pointing down) left then right

Step 5:

Left then right

Step 6:

3 single bands goin up

Step 7: Now 2 Un Hook

Flip ur loom around, go up

Step 8:

Left then right

Step 9: Now It's Gittin Triky

Tke the band from the inside and go left. Same 2 the right

Step 10:

From the inside go down on both sides

Step 11:

Left then right. The take the white band and go down

Step 12:

Now un hook the bracelet ( b careful! )

Step 13: Thanks Y'all

This is my 1st instructable. PLEEZ comment what u think!

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