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Introduction: Flower Vase From Sparkling Water Bottle

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I had a sparkling water glass bottle sitting in the house with no use, when spring arrived I thought I can re use them as flower vase with some simple makeover to the bottle. You will amazed at what I used to decorate them, yes !! I used different nail polish colors to give a colorful rainbow look to the vase. I got these nail polish for trying out some marbling DIY and now I got another use for them.Now to the materials.

Step 1: Materials Required

A glass water bottle

White spray paint or any spray paint of your color choice

Gold enamel paint (optional)

Nail polish in multiple colors of your choice

Masking tape (optional)

Step 2:

Wash and dry the bottle you wish to up cycle. Spray paint them in the color of your choice . I used a white spray paint to mask the blue color of the bottle.

Step 3:

I decided to add mosaic effect to the bottom of the bottle and gold paint for the top. To bring this effect,Simple paint a stroke with nail polish brush and repeat the same with all the colors.

Step 4:

Once the nail polish is dry, paint the remaining area in the gold paint .Mask the nail polish area with a newspaper and masking tape or painters tape and paint the remaining area in gold paint. (I used gold enamel paint).Here, I imagined the vase like a wall with half of mosaic and the remaining is just empty plain gold wall.But , you can even take inspiration of mosaic patterns and mimic them in your vase using various nail polish colors. Once the gold paint is dry, your vase is ready to hold the beautiful flowers.

Step 5:

Here is how the vase finally looks with the flowers. You can also use them as bookends. And it is not necessary to buy new polish to make this DIY, you can also take this as a chance to use all of your old polishes to make something awesome and colorful like this vase. Hope you like this makeover.If so, please vote for me in "Before After contest", "Rainbow Contest" and "Unusual uses for ordinary things Challenge" .

Thank you :) Have a great day :)

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