Introduction: Flower and Succulent Crown Using a Headband and Thumbtacks!

This Instructable is for creating a flower and succulent crown using thumbtacks and a headband.

The thumbtacks anchor the flowers and succulents very well and the headband turns out to be very comfortable.

I decided to make a crown of flowers and succulents because I think flower crowns are pretty but don't want mine to be like everyone else's (and I really like succulents hehe).

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

- faux flowers and faux succulents cut from stems (I used wire cutters to do this)
- thumb tacks (the kind that have flat heads. second picture shows detail.)
- hot glue, hot glue gun and functioning outlet (not pictured)
- headband. You'll need the kind that is mostly non stretchy fabric but that does have one section of elastic. We will be putting the flowers on the non stretch part!
- you might need scissors to cut petals/succulents (explained in a later step)

Note : Originally I thought I would need to line the headband with felt to give some cushion from the thumbtacks but since they are flat, I don't feel them when I put the crown on. It's actually very comfy!!! If you want to line it with felt make sure you glue the piece of felt to the crown with the crown slightly curved (to mimic you wearing it) if you don't, the felt will bunch up a lot and might not be comfortable

Step 2: Cut Flowers and Succulents From Stems

If you haven't already use your wire cutters to cut the stems off the succulents and flowers.

Step 3: Attach Flowers and Succulents With Thumbtacks

Stick a thumb tack from the underside of a headband where you want to put a succulent or flower.

Once the tip of the thumbtack is coming out of the front side of the headband, put a little hot glue on the point and immediately insert a flower or succulent onto the tack so that the point goes through the middle of the flower or succulent. When you do this, the hot glue will surround the flower/succulent and anchor the flower (some will be on the inside of the flower/succulent also which will help anchor it further)

Continue doing this to attach more flowers/succulents to create the pattern you want! Remember to leave some space between them to account for the size of the flowers/succulents. If you put the flowers and succulents right next to each other they will bunch up and not look as good as if you give them spaces.

The last picture shows an anchored flower and me cutting part of a succulent off with my scissors. I decided that cutting off a leaf of a few succulents would keep the crown looking full but not too bunched up!

Step 4: Make Sure You Like Your Pattern!

Make sure you like how your crown looks. Add any more flowers/succulents you want. If you need to remove a flower or succulent to reposition it, just use your plugged in hot glue gun to warm it's glue until the glue unsets then pull the flower/succulent off. Remember to remove the tack also!

Finalize succulent and flower placement. Let the hot glue cool down completely


You're done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!! If you make one please post pictures!!

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