Flower Lamp!!

Introduction: Flower Lamp!!

About: I am a homemaker from India and always love creating something new and interesting!!

I use to make stocking flowers, I got this idea from that to make a big flower and add some light to it!!!

This looks absolutely beautiful at night and even during day.

Do try it! You will love it, it doesn't even consume much time. :D :D :D

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need!!

For petals:

Thin soft wire 3.5m

flower stocking net

green paper tape

base ring 12 cm


bulb holder with wire

for holder :

Thread green colour

cardboard circular piece ( same size as base ring)

some small plastic bowl.

Step 2: Making Petals!

Make 9cm (approx) dia of petal frames using wire total 11 in number (you can play with the number)

Then cover the frame with stocking net and tie below with thread.

Then cover the tied part of petal using green paper tape. Make it neat.

50% of our work is done!!

Step 3: Attach Petals to Base Ring!

Start attaching petals to base ring, tie the petal base with ring using thread. As shown in image.

Attach all petals same way, experiment the position of petals to make it look beautiful.

Once you have tied all the petals cover the base (ring) using green paper tape.

Step 4: Making Top Part!

Cut the cardboard in ring shape so that you can fit the plastic bowl in.

Make a hole in center of container, so as to pass wire.

once you stick container with the cardboard cover the whole thing using green thread! (refer images)

Step 5: Done!!

Attach the top part with the petal part, using Fevicol stick them and cover the visible part of base ring using green thread.

Pass the wire of holder through the hole we made in top part and put on a bulb and switch on the light. Done!!! :D

Please Vote and comment!! :D I hope you enjoyed my instructable!!

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    rajinder kaur
    rajinder kaur

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot!! :D do try making one, its really cool and simple too!! And please vote :)

    Very beautiful lamp and I loved how you have turned your flower making skills into a beautiful lamp :)

    rajinder kaur
    rajinder kaur

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you Tarun! Your contest gave me all the inspiration! I am glad you liked it!!! :D :D

    rajinder kaur
    rajinder kaur

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it! you should try making it! If not lamp you can make flowers using same materials and they look just lovely! :D