Introduction: Flowers on the Wall

In this tutorial I will show you how you can put flowers on your wall using only simple tools. For little money you can add this eye-catcher to your flat as a unique combination of real plants and stylish design!

Step 1:

Use a normal drain-pipe and choose the length as you please. Sign the center along the tube and mark every 4cm. Take a drill with a milling adapter. Drill at 4cm distance from each hole into the tube (You can cut the big whole into the pipe even without using the drill but only a cutter / carpet knife - but with the drill in the first it is easier!)

Step 2:

Take a cutter / carpet knife and cut of the milled edges. As a ruler I used a wood lath attached to the table.

Step 3:

By and large, the basis of your flower tube should now be completed, having cutted the other side, too.

Step 4:

Now you just have to attach the end pieces. I got them cut from Plexiglas and glued with PVC glue on the inside.

Step 5:

Now the pipe is ready to be painted. Use spray paint in the color you like in several layers and let it dry for at least one day before you continue. It's best to use a special room for this work to prevent health problems and to achieve a perfect result.

Step 6:

If there are a few errors in the coating (dust, dirt, ...) you can simply remove it, grind the place a bit and then paint it again.
After having finished this step drill two holes in the back side of the pipe (you can look up the exact position in the detailed description with all the measures in the picture at the end of this tutorial). 
Glue two pen caps from the inside onto the holes and let it dry.

Now you should have a perfect tube, ready to be planted.

Step 7:

Put a lot of dried moss in the pipe. You can get this in every flower shop, most of the time you'll even get it for free. This serves as a substitute for earth and does not fall out of the tube when it is hanging on the wall. Moss can store about 10 times its volume of water. Thus you have to pour the flower tube only about once a week.

Step 8:

Put in flowers you like! 
Especially suitable are grasses from the jungle but also ivy does well and looks good. You should use plants which need only little water.

Step 9:

Done is the flower tube!!

Step 10:

These measurements are in centimeters. If you print this detailed description on a sheet of A4 paper, you can use it as a template, since the dimensions on the right are at a scale of 1:1

Have fun!

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