Introduction: Flowing LED Lights

Pretty much a completely useless device, but trust me it looks beautiful and will definitely score you a beautiful grade on your summative.

The video is here


- Arduino Leonardo * 1

- USB cable * 1

- Resistor (220Ω) * 8

- LED * 8

- Breadboard * 1
- Jumper wires

Step 1: Build the Circuit

As the title suggests build the damn circuit; build it exactly the same as the one in the photo or don't, up to you.

Step 2: Coding

Download the code here.

Step 3: Decorate?

After finishing the coding and stuff, you're basically done, so you could choose to decorate it to make it look better (even though it's already perfect). Personally, I choose to decorate it because I am a dedicated student and always tries to be better than everyone, but yeah, it's up to you.

Step 4: Done

Now, take a moment to admire the beautiful machine that you just created. Wow, it's just wow. Don't forget to brag about finally finishing a project on time with your friends if you have friends.