Introduction: FlufferNutter Sandwich

What makes a great late night snack? Easy- the ingredients and the convenience. Fluffernutter sandwiches combine marshmallow fluff and peanut butter between two pieces of bread.

The perfect snack for if you are on-the-go or raiding the fridge late at night. It's kids and college students approved!

Step 1: Ingredients

Before you can start assembling this tasty treat, you should gather all your ingredients. This will make your assembly go faster and smoother.

For this sandwich you will need:

-Your choice of peanut butter

-A jar of marshmallow fluff

-Two pieces of white bread

You should put the two piece of bread on a plate or napkin. Assembly can get messy!

Step 2: Start Spreading

Now is where the fun begins.

Swoop out as much peanut butter as you want and spread it on one piece of bread with a butter knife. You can make the sandwich as peanut butter-y as you wish. It all tailored to you and your Fluffernutter experience.

Next, pick up your other piece of bread and spread marshmallow fluff all over it.

You can make sandwich equal parts peanut butter and fluff. However, you can add as little or as much peanut butter or fluff as you'd like. It's all about you and your sandwich!

BUT!!! If this is your first Fluffernutter, we recommend doing equal parts.

Step 3: Put It Together

After your pieces of bread are good and gooey, stick them together. Make sure the corners of the bread line up. Just like how you would make any other sandwich.

Cut the sandwich down the middle or diagonally. Leave the crusts on or cut them off. It's all up to you!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your Fluffernutter with your lunch or a late- night glass of milk.


This sandwich can get sticky so beware of your tongue getting stuck to the roof of your mouth.