Introduction: Fluffy Slime Without Borax

This is a fluffy slime that is really easy to make, I love it.

Step 1: What You Need

*shaving cream is optional but it won't be fluffy if you don't use it
*landry detergent I use tide

Step 2: First...

First you will add glue add as much as you want depending on the size of the slime you want. You will probably get about double the amount of glue that you use.

Step 3: Next...

Next you will add shaving cream. Add about 2/3 more shaving cream than your glue but you can add more or less shaving cream than that but 2/3 more works well.

Step 4: Finally...

Finally add landry detergant a little bit at time because if you add too much your slime will be stiff. When it isn't sticky knead it with your hands, if it is still sticky add more detergant.