Introduction: Fluo Plastic Bird Feeder

Installing a Bird Feeder can allow you to help some species during the middle of winter when
food is scarce. You will also be able to observe some of the species that live near your garden, take pictures of them or just enjoy the presence of the bird.

This Instructable explains how to cut and build your own bird feeder with a laser cutter.

Enjoy !

Step 1: Gather Materials for the Realisation

The given file is optimized for use with an Acrylic plate or any other material that can be laser cut.

I used 250mm*500mm plates that are 3mm thick. If you want to use another dimensions, you can rearrange the design be be careful to drill adapted slots to mount easily the bird feeder !

You can also get 4 M3 screws to add an holder that will help you to attach the feeder to a tree, or use clamps or glue.

Step 2: Cut the Plate

Download the attached file and cut it, you can also add some custom engraving if you want ^^

Step 3: Fold the Holder

With a hot air gun, or any other source of heat, you can heat and fold the two bars with holes that will be useful to attach the feeder to a tree. There are tiny holes to help you to fold at the right place. When heating it, the plastic will soften, then you will be able to do a 45° angle with it and maintain it while it cool down.

Be very careful when using hot tools !

Step 4: Mount the Feeder

Assemble all the pieces together, and use the 14 small "keys" to hold all pieces together. Normally all pieces and slots are different so you can't make a mistake building it !

Step 5: (Facultative) Fold the "roof"

Same thing that the precedent step, you can heat and fold the corners of the roof. Be careful not to heat it too much or the plastic might burn or get ugly bubbles ! Be patient and fold it when the plate is softened over the whole width

Step 6: Mount the Holders With Screws

I used M3 screws and bolts, but you could maybe use some glue or even clamps to make it 100% plastic ;-)

Step 7: Fill It and Enjoy !

I used some sunflowers seeds to fill it, in France (where I live) some bird like Great tits like them a lot !

Now you only have to find a tree to install it, thanks to it's holders that can help you to maintain it with wire in the holes.

Here you can find tips about locations where to install bird feeders :

I hope you liked this tutorial, feel free to ask any questions or suggest some improvements in the comments !

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