Introduction: Flux Capacitor

Hi there fellow Instructables.

Today I have For You . My Interpretation of The Flux Capacitor.

Made With Wood. 7 Inches Tall By 3 Inches Deep By 5 Inches Wide.

The Materials I used.........     3Phase  Electrical Cable. 3 LED Strips 12V

3 Plastic Tips From A Silicon Tube.
3 Plastic     Irrigation Right Angle  Tube.

4 Old Round Toroid Winding  From an Old Power Supply.
1 Switch
5 LED"S   And 5    220 Ohms R
3 Plastic Knobs.

Cables, Heat  Shrink, Solder, Hot Glue Gun.
Grey Paint, PVC R Angle Piece For The Top.
Black Paint, Silver Paint, Hinges.

The 1st Thing You need To make is a Box Any size You like.
You Need A Front And a Back.

Mine is Powered by a 12v Power Adaptor.
I was going to use Batteries.. 

If You Follow My Pictures You Could make one like this one.
All I Need is A D' Lorean  And I am In Business.

Now Go.... And Make Something And Hey  Hey    Have Fun.

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