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Make Harry Potter fly through the sky with your magic wand and play Quiddidch with friends. With this intrucable you'll be making: a launch wand, a flying Harry on a broom, a couple of quaffles, a snitch and three golden game loops. Great to play outside in the park or garden.

The game: try to launch a quaffel or Harry through the loops or hit the snitch.

Artwork is profited with this instructable as JPG or PDF for you to print at home

Play safe and never aim at humans, animals or anything else living. Magic is fantasy, use your mind.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

What materials you need:

  • For your wand; a piece of plastic tube, for instance diameter 18mm and about 250mm long
  • A rubber band
  • Clothespin
  • 6 thin sheets of cardboard
  • 4-8 metal rings (one ring to rule....but that is another story)
  • One thin piece of round wood, sturdy plastic tube or something else to make a small broom
  • 3 wooden/MDF blocks of about 10x10 cm
  • And 3 poles for the loops of about 30cm
  • Thin wire

For the luxurious version of your wand:

  • A piece of wood diameter 15mm and about 250mm long

What tools do you need:

  • Black marker
  • A hot-glue gun or double sided stickytape
  • tape
  • Spray-paint in dark colours of hobby paint, whatever to give your wand a colour.
  • Fine saw
  • Printer
  • Spayglue of paperglue
  • About 8 sheets of paper to print the graphics on
  • Scissors/knife

Step 2: Making Your Wand

Making your wand

Basis. Cut the tube to the proper length of about 30cm. Sand the rough ends. Or use the wood and saw this to the proper length.

Slot. A bit harder to do is making the slot. Use your saw and say: alohaslotinthetube. If that doesn't work use a marker to draw a line from one end to about 3/4 of the tube on both sides, as shown in the photo. Make sure there will be enough space left to hold your wand when it is finished. Take your time to saw the slot because it should be straight and nicely in the middle. It should be wide enough for two layers of cardboard: your quaffle or Harry should be able to slide in and out. Once this is done, sand the slot and get rid of the rough edges.

Clothespin. Next glue the clothespin to the bottom end of your wand. Make sure you don't use to much glue because the clothespin should be able to open and close.

Decorate. Now decorate your wand as much as you like and make it become one masterpiece of art. Some beautiful examples made by Hanerin or The Smmetzler and many others at the WIZARDING CONTEST. Make sure there is not to much decoration near the slot, because your projectiles should be able to slide in and out easily, and the rubber band has to move alongside.

Rubber band. We are now going to add the rubber band. This is done after painting because you don't want the rubber to get messy. Cut the rubber band to a length of about 80-90mm. If you make you rubber band shorter, there will be a lot of tension and Harry will become a kind of rocket. Play safe. Glue the ends to the to top of your wand. If there is to much paint a this end, scrape or sand it of otherwise your glue doesn't stick.

Tension. Check if you are able to secure the rubber band in the clothespin. You are now arming your wand! This is not lethal but the rubber band can hurt you if it hits. If the band jumps out of the clothespin, there's way to much tension on your rubber band. Loosen it.

Step 3: ​Making Your Broom

Graphics. Use the graphics I provided or draw you own amazing team. I made an image of Harry flying his broom like the on the cover of the first book. And also a modern one. Glue the artwork on a thin piece cardboard or use thick paper to print on. Cut the parts.

Broom basis. Cut the smaller tube/wood/pipe to a length of about 25cm.

Broom ends. Fold the broom-ends as shown in the picture and glue them to the end of the broom. It should look like the end of an arrow.

Weight. This design needs some weight to fly straight. Use a couple of metal rings and ad them to Harry's feet the moment you glue the Harry's on the broom.

I could use your broom for this game, but actually its sitting on my desk because it's just fun to look at.

Step 4: ​Making Your Quaffle

Print. Use the graphics of the quaffle in the PDF.

Create. Glue the artwork on your piece of thin cardboard and cut the parts. Also use the metal rings to give the design some weight, otherwise it will not fly straight.

Step 5: ​Making the Loops

Print. Use the provided graphics and print 3 loops on an piece of paper.

Create. Glue the paper on a piece of cardboard or use thick paper to print on. Cut out the loops.

Poles. For the poles I used a piece of bamboo but you can use a straw, or plastic tube as well. Cut it to a length of about 30cm. Use 3 pieces of wood of about 10x10cm to use as a stand. Glue the loops together and now you are done.

Step 6: ​Making the Snitch

Print. Use the provided graphics and print one on a piece of paper.

Create. Glue the paper on a piece of cardboard an cut the snitch. Glue both ends together with the end of the wire in between. Cut the wire at about 30cm of.

Step 7: ​Playing Quiddidch

Set up the game. Place your loops at an appropriate distance and hang the snitch to the ceiling or a branch in the garden with a bit of tape.

Play. Use you wand and a quaffle and try to shoot through the golden loops. Use a Harry-wand to block the quaffle. Or, yes I'm changing the rules, you'll be Harry and your friends can be a quaffle with their wand.They have to hit you before you reach the golden loops of the snitch.

Load your wand, aim, fire a spell and launch your broom. Try to let Harry fly through a loop.

But don't let anyone hit the snitch!!!

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