Introduction: Fly Tying: Glo Bug

Glo Bugs are a very effective, simple looking pattern but can be very difficult to make look good. By using the steps I illustrate in this instructable, you can make (with LOTS of practice) good looking Glo Bugs.


-Glo Bug yarn

-Strong thread, probably GSP (gel spun)

-Hook of your choice, I like Allen Fly Fishing's Egg pattern hooks

-Something to add weight to the fly

-Normal tools

Step 1: Preparing the Hook

1. Begin by starting your thread on the hook.

2. If you are adding weight, do so now. I like to tie in a very small dumbbell eye.

Step 2: Tying in the Yarn

This is the part that you need to practice.

1. Cut off three pieces of yarn about an inch and a half long each.

2. Place one piece of yarn on the far side of the hook, establish where the center of your egg will be now.

3. Make one light wrap around the yarn, then a tighter one, then a very tight wrap, all of the three wraps should be directly on top of each other. Immediately make several tight wraps in front of the yarn only around the hook shank, this aids in keeping your previous wraps tight.

4. Place another piece of yarn right on top of the hook and repeat the exact process while trying to make your wraps still directly on top of the wraps you made on the first piece of yarn. Make several wraps in front of the yarn again.

5. Repeat the process again for the third piece of yarn and after making your wraps around the hook shank whip finish and cut your thread.

Step 3: Creating the Egg

Now that you have all of your yarn tied in, you can shape the egg.

1. Grab all of the yarn and pull the entire clump directly upwards.

2. Cut a straight line in the clump of yarn with sharp scissors about the width of the hook gap away from the top of the hook.

3. This should cause a round egg to pop open but there might be some extra on the bottom like in the picture of mine.

4. Take care of any extra by cutting it into a round shape

Step 4: Your Glo Bug Is Finished!

Your first 10-20 Glo Bugs will probably come out mostly as something you wouldn't fish, but I promise if you keep practicing this technique you will be able to make a good looking Glo Bug!

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