Fly Tying Station




Introduction: Fly Tying Station

A quick and simple DIY fly tying station.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Supplies.

1 x Pine Laminated Board ¾” x 12” x 36” – Cut in half so your station will be approx. 18” long (you can make two)

1 x Pine 1”x2” x 6’ cut as follows:  1x 18” (length of your station), 2 x 12” (width of your station) and 4 x 2” pieces (for the legs)

1 x 1/8” 36’ long dowel (will be cut on demand)

15 x #6 1” wood screw

White Glue.

Step 2: Drilling

Drill pilot hole for every screw (I counter-sunk the screw so they would not catch on anything).

I put 7 screws along the back (probably too many) and one each for the legs

Step 3: Assembly

Screw the backsplash and legs on. Put some glue to ensure a tight fit and follow with screwing the arms on.

Step 4:

Measure and drill holes for the dowels along the back splash (I placed my holes 2” apart) and follow with putting  glue on the end of the dowel and inserting  it  into a hole and cutting  the dowel at 2” and repeat until you have the number of spool holder you want.

Step 5: Finishing

Drill various size holes along the arms for the bobbins, scissor, dubbin needle etc. (you decide how many and what size to make them)

Once completed, stain or varnish to you liking.

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    6 years ago

    Any one have any good ideas for a homemade fly tying vise?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    How do you get the fly to stay still while tying it ? Does it hurt the fly ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If your question is serious...
    Fly tying is a euphemism, in saying "fly" we are talking about the lure used in a rig with a "fly" rod. the reason we call the lures flies, is because we want to fool the fish into thinking that they are flies, that we will even call them by such a name. A fly is typically tied with little more than a hook, thread, and feathers. If you are still interested, i would suggest checking out a book or googling "fly tying for beginners" or "fly fishing for beginners".

    If you were kidding... good job! you got me!!
    ...either way we need a sarcasm font...