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Introduction: Flying Books

As storage in the kitchen is always sparse, we were thinking about adding some more shelves, but not just any shelve, it had to be something cool ;-)

We needed a place to store our cookbooks so that we can access them easily and they are not using any other - already occupied - shelve space. -- So, the flying cookbooks were born!

Step 1: What You Need

As this is a very simple instructable, you also need very little to make it yourself.

All we needed was (for each):

  • one big old cookbook (be sure you don't need it anymore, it will be stuck on the wall from now on :-) )
  • two big metal brackets
  • four wood screws to screw in the book
  • four screw anchors and screws for the wall
  • a box cutter
  • some tape

Step 2: Prepare the Book

First we need to prepare the book.

The book is laying on the brackets so the brackets should hide inside the book. To do that cut some pages that the brackets fit in there. It should be enough pages to easily close the book and apply some force from above and the brackets are still loose.

Step 3: Fix the Book to the Brackets

To fix the book on the brackets, use the wood screws and screw them in the paper. The screws should be long enough to almost go through the whole book, but be careful not pierce through the book, otherwise the books you lay on top get damaged.

Step 4: Attach It to the Wall

Now we are almost done. Not you need to mount it to the wall. Don't think there is a lot of explanation needed for that :-)

Step 5: Close the Book

So that the book stays closed, we just used some transparent tape.

And thats all! Enjoy your new flying books shelf :-)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    An idea I need, and may try. Looks cool and makes them accessable!