Introduction: Flying Casket With Flamingo Pall Bearers

Measure and make two sections like this using drywall stand off wood. You will need 8 pieces of wood. The top 1/3 wider part is the head, the bottom is the body. Measure to fit your requirements.

Step 1: Head of the Casket

Connect using 8" drilled thru wood, using 2.5" bolts and wing nuts. You will need 4 pieces of wood, 8 - 2.5" bolts and 4 - wing nuts.

Step 2: The Casket Body

Create the casket body with the same techniques for the head. 6 - 8" wood pieces, 12 - 2.5" bolts and 12 - wing nuts. On the bottom run 3 long strips of wood attached to the bottom to help hold the top part of the casket.

Step 3: Wrap the Casket With Black Cloth

Join the two sections together. Cut and staple black cloth to the frame allowing for an opening on the top to slide the skeleton in. Sit it upright facing the bottom of the casket. The image here is sans the fabric so you can see inside.

Step 4: Add the Flamingos Pall Bearers

Staple the metal rods ( feet ) of the flamingos to the frame. Make sure each is level and pointing in the right direction. You can use bats as the pall bearers too.

Step 5: Display and Lights

I placed my completed flying casket on an existing concrete bird feeder in the front yard. You can also hang it from a tree limb.

My neighbors were delighted with the display and asked why I created it. I answered, Snoopy has his doghouse, Santa has his sleigh, Skeletor has been grounded until today!

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