Introduction: Flying Skateboard

The project was built to add a wind leaf to the base of a regular skateboard so that players can use the wind to make their slide easier when they are tired.

Step 1: Make the Base Plate

Compress a box into a 60mm long, 15mm wide and 2mm high base plate.

Step 2: Construct Wheels and Link Bars:

In order for the skateboard to move, the wheel and connecting rod need to be constructed. Change a cylinder to 3mm in diameter,high 2mm connecting rod, add two more wheels and reduce it to 5mm in diameter and 5mm high.

Step 3: Make Mosaic Parts:

In order to better set the wheels and the soleplate together, a connecting plate is required. Modify a box to make it 9mm long, 3mm wide and 3mm high.

Step 4: Wheels, Connecting Rods, and Mosaic Parts Are Grouped and Copied.

The sections are grouped at the appropriate scale. In order to be able to combine well with the soleplate, make the overall length 10mm.

Step 5: Make a Warp and Group It.

The make-up plate is to compress the cylinder, and then split it, tilting the split part 145 degrees so that it is so high as the bottom plate. Group the wheels, soleplates, and warps that have been made.

Step 6: Add a Text:

Add an English word for FLY to the base plate, meaning that the skateboard can take off. The stars that are added represent able to shine as stars as they can on a skateboard.

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