Introduction: Flying Tiger Bomb Skateboard!

Remember the World War Two Flying Tigers? Probably not, they were a squadron of fighter planes made famous by the angry shark faces they painted on the nose of their aircraft and sometimes on the bombs they dropped. You might also recognize the face as bullet bill from Mario games.

I decided to design and build skateboard in the shape of a bomb with the Shark Face!

I will be using this as wall art, however it could be ridden with wheels and trucks if you choose.


Paper and pencil

Jig Saw

Power Sander

Spray Paint

Acrylic paint

Spray lacquer

Step 1: Find Your Skateboard / Sand Down the Bottom

First thing you need to do, find or purchase a Skateboard. I found two for sale on facebook for very little.

Second you will want to sand the bottom of the skateboard to remove artwork or Vinyl Stickers.

You want to sand down to the bare wood for a better painting surface.

I would recommend a power sander but it's possible to do by hand with regular sandpaper.

Step 2: Draw Out the Shape!

Take paper then draw and cut out the shape on paper to make sure you like the shape.

Draw around the paper form so that you have a cutting guide.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape!

Take safety precautions when using power saws! Use a Jig Saw to carefully cut out the new skateboard shape.

Step 4: Apply Paint to Skateboard and Do Final Details

First you apply 2-3 coats of metallic spray paint.

Second you score through the paper pattern with a pencil leaving an indentation in the wood to use as a painting guide.

Then you use acrylic craft paint, be careful to stay in the lines.

After the paint drys you need to seal the skateboard using a clear lacquer spray (2-3 coats).

I will be using this skateboard as decoration, If you plan on riding this I would suggest using a heavy duty lacquer.

Step 5: Enjoy Looking at or Riding Your Skateboard!


A. Mount on wall.


B. add trucks and wheels and ride off.

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